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Name: Jon
Age: 34
Race: Hispanic
Body: Medium, 5' 5" and 138 lbs
Hair: Brown, Bedraggled Hair with Swashbuckler Facial Hair
Eyes: Hazel
Armor/Clothing: Merc grunt outfit with a roving trader jacket unzipped over it, a leather eye-patch across his left eye, with a head wrap and a pair of dog tags {Brotherhood of Steel}
Weapons: Scoped .44 Magnum + Combat knives hidden in both boots
Notable Scars:
* missing his left eye, caused by a BB Gun accident as a kid
* dog bite on his left lower arm
* deathclaw slash on chest, missing left nipple
* small shrapnel nicks all over the back legs, majority on the left leg
Occupation: Scavenger/Explorer (former Brotherhood of Steel)
Residence: MDPL-16 Power Station, by the Republic of Dave
Tag Skills:
+Small Guns
*Fortune Finder
*Survival Expert
Addictions: Buffout
Companion: a junked up Enclave Eyebot he repaired, helps him carry his finds and covers his blind spot and then later Jamie (Vault OC)
S - 4
P - 2
E - 5
C - 6
I - 7
A - 9
L - 7


Name: Jamie (Vault 101 OC)
Age: 19
Race: Caucasian
Body: Thin, 4'8", 125 lbs, Freckles
Hair: Brown/Dyed Red, Rough Nite
Eyes: Green
Armor/Clothing: Vault 101 Suit/Badlands armor mash together, Goggles
Weapons: Baseball Bat + various explosives
Occupation: Following Jon around and looking for her father (a scientist that left with James)
Tag Skills:
*Daddy's Girl
*Little Leaguer
*Child at Heart
Favorite Food: Bubblegum
Companion: Jon (OC) and his Eyebot
S - 4
P - 6
E - 3
C - 7
I - 10
A - 5
L - 2
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Gorgeous Nightmare - Escape The Fate
  • Playing: Fallout 3

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